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Netflix plans to move DVD service into Qwikster


I just got what I thought was a nice email from Reed Hastings who is the CEO and co-founder of Netflix.  It at first starts out as an apology for not communicating why they were separating the DVD and streaming prices. Hastings then goes on to say how he wants to grow the streaming business and feels that is the way he will define Netflix and set it apart. 

 Hastings states how important the DVD service Netflix provides is important due to DVD being a popular format for movie publishing.  He also acknowledges that many of Netflix members enjoy the DVD mailing service as well.   Once again he points out how many members including himself enjoy the streaming options as well.

 The email then shocked me by explaining that the two services will be split into two separate services and apparently businesses.  The DVD mail service will be renamed to Qwikster while Netflix will be purely for video streaming.  If you subscribe to both services you will have two separate entries on your credit card statement now.  The claim is that there will be no price increase for separating into the two different businesses but then again they did already go through a price increase already that got some heated reviews by members.

The good news that was actually mentioned is that the new service, Qwikster, will have an add-on option if you want to rent video games.  Hastings claims that many members have been asking for this option and he feels that with this new business model Qwikster can provide this.

Now many Netflix members are probably wondering what is the next step for them.  Qwikster, Netflix, both or perhaps this may be the last step and they choose neither.  There are already other services out there that provide DVD’s such as Redbox and there are plenty of other streaming companies as well that are trying to compete with Netflix.

I haven’t figured out what I plan on doing yet.  What are your comments?




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  • James R says:

    It will be a lot less convenient as now that I will have to goto 2 different sights to get the movies I want. Althought this is compounded by the fact that a lot of the streaming shows I watch seem to have episodes missing that are only available on DVD. So its kind of a BS move, unless they radically update their shows s in their streaming service.

  • Roger Kopecky says:

    I am getting rid of both … I started using HULU and we can actually watch it on you Wii! There is no point in paying for the service when I can get it free online!

  • techgeekdad says:

    Does HULU have a pretty good selection of videos? Do you know if works on other systems besides the Wii? Maybe I should look into it. What is your plan for DVD/Blu-ray Rentals?

  • techgeekdad says:

    Yeah the two different sites are not thrilling me either. Sometimes if I was browsing for a movie by name Netflix would tell me if they could stream it or ship it via DVD. If it’s something old that they didn’t have ready for Streaming sometimes they would have it for DVD and I could easily add it to my Queue. Now with this new move of theirs I would have to browse for that same movie in two different websites. This is actually reducing the amount of service that they used to have.

    I still haven’t made up my mind on what I”m going to do.

  • Roger Kopecky says:

    There is a program that you put on your PC and you can watch alot of channels on the Wii, XBOX and PS3. Hulu is one of the channels! The program is called play on and is very easy to use … It was free when I got it! As for DVD and Blu-Ray I have been using Redbox more than anything and now they do the games also … I know that there is not the selection on Redbox as there is on Netflix but I am willing to deal with it. You got my number techgeekdad give me a call and I will tell you more about the program … maybe you can do a write up on it!

  • [...] on two seperate websites is actually a bad thing.  This statement just comes a few weeks after announcing that they wanted to launch Qwikster which makes you wonder why they couldn’t figure this out [...]