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Gamespy writer apologizes to fans of game he upset.

An author for Gamespy wrote a quick little blog regarding Mechwarrior Online’s latest video featuring the Centurion and made a few comments that sent fans into an uproar.


Watch the video below.


First off I have been reading Gamespy recently so I wasn’t aware of the article except for the fact that someone had posted about it in the MWO Forums.  The fans had posted some of the article written on Gamespy and took offense to the authors comments calling the game boring and that the video was filled full of “Technobabble”.  I guess the author had issues understanding what a LRM-10 or Autocannon-10 is but of course many Mechwarrior fans knew and were quick to spell it out for the author.  The author later took to twitter to insult the fans by calling them “dumbos” but the link to that twitter is now dead and sadly I didn’t screen shot it.  I did however capture some of the other conversations from the editor of Gamespy to the author in an attempt to explain how Mechwarrior works.

In the Mechwarrior online forums some of the fans found other articles written by other websites such as PC Gamer which had a more positive outlook on the video.

Many fans left articles on the gamespy article with most against the author although there were some that agreed that some of technology in Mechwarrior confuses new players.  Some respondents felt that the author was more of a twitch response gamer in games like Call of Duty or Quake.  Others pointed out that Mechwarrior is more strategy based in its combat that one shot kills of some other first person shooters.

I’ve been a Mechwarrior fan for years and I have also played the twitchy games as well such as Call of Duty and I can enjoy both.  My son tends to like the quick shooting sniping games but he also does enjoy playing Mechwarrior 4 as well.   I’m looking forward to enjoying some multiplayer action with him and partnering up with him in a lance along with our friends.  If I look back at when I was first introduced to Mechwarrior back on AOL on a game called MPBT:Solaris I didn’t understand the lore to the game any of the weapons or mech chassis at first.  I did find a great community  though and they taught me quite a bit and then I started purchasing the table top game and became more familiar with the lore and technical aspects of the game.  So I can understand where the author may have been confused at first however when I play Call of Duty I am confused with some of the statistics of all the different weapons and understanding which one is best for my play style.  I know there are places to research it all but paper statistics and actually trying them out are different things.


In the end the Gamespy author has issued an apology to Mechwarrior fans and has even told them that he is now downloading the free version of Mechwarrior 4 to try it out.

To quote him exactly:


Hey guys, Taylor here.

Just a quick response to all the comments I’ve been getting on this article. You guys are absolutely right; I’ve never played a MechWarrior game for a significant amount of time. I’m pretty unsure as to what makes them click, and why people love them so much. But here’s the thing: I’m absolutely open to the idea that I might fall in love with them. In fact, I’m installing the free version of MechWarrior 4 as we speak.

My comments about the video above are in no way a reflection on my final opinions on the MechWarrior Online topic. I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet (obviously), and plan on giving it my full attention upon release. I was simply responding to the trailer that was the main focus of the news post. To an outsider who is unfamiliar with the intricacies of the MechWarrior series, it does look kind of boring! But that doesn’t mean I’m writing off the game as a whole or insulting the fans. Just stating a personal observation.

So there you go! 🙂


I hope he really does try out Mechwarrior 4 and then comes back and gives a review of it and his likes and dislikes of the game.  I think many of the fans were upset because they could tell he didn’t know the Mechwarrior line and wrote a bad review.  At least now we can look for an honest review even if he comes back and admits that he tried it and it wasn’t his cup of tea.  It’s true not everyone will like Mechwarrior some want to be able to one shot their opponents but that would take the fun out of piloting big giant robots that fight to the death.

So what do you think author next set of comments will be?



Since this article was written the editor in chief at Gamespy has updated the post.


Update: Note From the EditorWelcome, MWO forumites! This post was definitely a little more glib than we generally shoot for, so apologies for that. That said, we strive to give honest reactions to the PC gaming news, and Taylor, as one of many gamers who has sadly not yet had much experience with MechWarrior games, would’ve been lying to you if he’d said this trailer got his blood pumping. Even if you disagree with that impression (and somehow I’ve gotten the idea that you do) you’ve gotta respect that honesty — that’s how you know we’re giving you real opinions and not mindlessly saying that every game looks super-awesome. We’re gamers, not hype machines. But MechWarrior is a big part of PC gaming history, so to aid in Taylor’s personal journey of discovery, he’ll be accompanying us to the Nvidia MWO LAN event next Friday to see what it’s really like to drive one of these suckers. You can expect to see coverage of his first-timer reactions next to those of some more experienced hands.

– Dan Stapleton
Editor in Chief

PS: This news post is in no way a review of any kind. Every time a commenter calls something that’s not a review a review, a long-time game reviewer’s head a’splodes.


My answer to that is, yes not all gamers will like Mechwarrior and the mechwarriors out there are not disillusioned to think that everyone will like this game.  In fact we are betting that some will not and will avoid the game entirely because it is not their genre.  There are other games out there for the twitch happy and Mechwarrior is not a twitch happy game but a lot more strategic.  I will be interested to see what Taylor says after going to the Nvidia tournament and plays a few rounds.  If afterwards he says “hey this isn’t my cup of tea”  I think we can accept that as a much more reasonable response than his article was.

Teen dies from Playing Diablo III for 40 hours straight

Previously I had written about a young man who had died from playing xbox.  It appears that someone from else has died from playing Diablo III for 40 hours.  This time it’s a teenager from Taiwan who decided to go to an internet cafe and play a 40 hour marathon.   Workers at the cafe found the teenager passed out on a table.  It’s reported that he went without food or sleep for the 40 hours but some suspect that he died of blood clots but are awaiting an autopsy.  It was blood clots that had killed the young man who played Xbox for 12 hours and it’s possible that it’s a similar fate for the young man in Taiwan.

Earlier this year another Taiwan man was found dead after playing league of legends for over 9 hours.  Sadly no one noticed and reports are that this young man died from a heart attack and thought to be brought on by blood clots again.  The man did have prior issues with his heart and it’s believed that sitting for too many hours and not moving around caused the complications.

It makes  you wonder how someone could sit so long without moving.  You would think that someone would have to get up and use the restroom, stretch and go find something to eat.

The best advice is if you love to play video games make sure to take breaks and get plenty of food and rest.  I’m sure you can’t play as well while tired and hungry so why punish your body for sub-par play time?

I know I can’t sit around and play as long as I used to but then again I’m getting older and my legs do pain if I sit there too long.  What’s your longest video game marathon and have you had any problems from playing too long?