My Introduction Blog

I’ve been reading blogs for quite some time and while enjoying them I have often thought that I too could have something to contribute. The question has always been on what area to focus on, as I could actually contribute in many different areas.

First off I am a technical person as I have been working for a technical consulting firm for 20 years now and have had many experiences that I could easily share with people. I didn’t want to only talk about technical stuff though as I felt that would limit my audience.

Secondly I love electronics but hey what man isn’t right? I always love trying out new gadgets and I usually end up stuff in their earliest release. That means I’m often having to troubleshoot whatever this new gadget is and I spend time with the support staff and quality service staff to provide feedback on how to fix or make the product better.

Thirdly and probably most importantly I am a father of a teenage son who is also growing up a tech geek. When I was growing up the level of technology that was exposed to me was of course not as advanced as what my son is exposed to. Technology is far more advanced and much more accessible that it was for me. The ease of use and accessibility is what actually scares me as a parent and I know other parents have similar concerns. So the focus of my blog will be mostly about what I see my son messing around with and report in on what is good and bad about whatever techno gadget he happens to have his hands on.

The geek side of me wants to share some of the excitement of technology with my son but there are times that the father side of me kicks in and makes me cautious about what to expose my son too.

I’ll be looking forward to creating my first real post this weekend as I already have many things I would like to share and get opinions from other parents as well.